New Year’s Tech Resolutions


OK, here we are… you blinked and 2015 is here. What are your technology New Year’s resolutions?

If you haven’t gotten started how about you consider some of these seed thoughts. Either can work for you personally or at a company

#1 Get secure. This is purposefully being left vague. You can start using a password manager besides sticky notes next to your keyboard or you can start having a centralized application to store service accounts across your enterprise. Your call, just do better than last year.

#2 Delete old accounts. Both your old email accounts that you once used and those accounts at your workplace that belong to people long gone. Don’t want to just yet? Then change the password to something seriously complex and disable the account.

#3 Related to #2 above… STOP REUSING PASSWORDS across accounts. You know you’ve done it before. Just stop it now and use unique complex passwords for each account. You can use the password manager from #1 to help you keep track of them.

#4 Start or expand Multi-Factor Authentication. Almost all services have it as an option. Just use it. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – no excuses. Even if your password is compromised, multi-factor keeps you in control…

#5 Start making your own resolutions. That was subtle… not… get cracking and make up your own and share them out in the comments below.


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