Endpoint Protection failed install

I’ve been getting an error with a failed update on Windows 10 for a while and I wanted to share a solution to you all which is quite simple.

First off looking at the details of the error I got nothing but cryptic information: “Windows Program Compatibility mode is not supported by this program” and the following in the error details:


OK, what to do?

Simple… Browse to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and look through your folder for the install in one of the subfolders with all the GUID names. In my case it was simply named “UpdateInstall.exe” and then copy the path of that folder.

Now open an elevated command prompt (my favorite way is to type cmd in search then press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT together then enter) and type: CD and then right click and paste your path in.

Now for the easy part, type the file name followed by the switch /disableoslimit and press enter. Of course if you’re deploying this using a centralized deployment, you can append that switch to your command prompt.



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