Data mining global OS trends

If you’ve never used the site before, head over to and look around. They use internet activity and mine data that’s interesting.

Right in the center you’ll see options for “Browsers, Operating Systems, Search Engines, More…” – select “Operating Systems” then “Desktop Trend by Version” and you’ll see this:


So what does this mean? The green line is XP and in the last month it’s declined sharply apparently losing share to Windows 7, 8.1 and “Other”.

The “Other” here is curious because it coincides with the release of Windows 10 preview, of course it can be more Linux installations as well – how can we mine details out of there? Switch up the data sources and look at the browser trends:


Here we can clearly see that Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is moving up while the browsers that would be expected on Linux such as Firefox and Chrome declined. Note that the highest IE version on Windows XP is 8 and that declined correlating to the drop in XP usage. Also note that IE 11 does not run on Windows 8, only 8.1 and the 10 preview.

So what does this mean? Well for me it means that people are creatures of habit and stick to what they have and know avoiding change as much as possible. I believe that the uptick does correlate to the Windows 10 release and the next two months will show if I’m right. How you may ask? Christmas is right around the corner and many people will be buying computers so the XP trend will continue to fall off the proverbial cliff while Windows 7 and 8.1 will continue to rise (though 7 licenses are no longer being provided to builders they can still sell the stock they have on hand and they bought a whole bunch!). II ‘m prognosticating that mining the data I’ve shown above will show that IE 11 will continue to rise and higher than the combined Windows 7 & 8.1 device trends which points directly to Windows 10… anyone willing to make a wager?!?


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