Become a Community Author for courses on Windows 7 (and make money too)

Microsoft last Monday announced a plan to allow partners, MCTs, MVPs, etc. to write courses – this is an opportunity which has never been offered before.

They are looking for several authors to join the “Authoring Community” and create some key courses for the Windows 7 portfolio and also add courses that they feel need to be available for Windows 7.

This is a good idea… in a couple of ways. First the content will be able to host fresh ideas born from the perspective of the people on the front line found between the users of the products and people like us who support them. The other is that the courses will provide over a third of the revenue to the author – and no though I would like the money I think that the good thing is that I see this as a return to the marketing techniques that MS used before… rather than spend $$$$ convincing the public that Windows 7 is better than Vista (which has had a bad marketing brand), they can redirect some money into this revenue sharing and gather fresh and almost viral ideas to help their upcoming campaign.

Check out the FAQ on the “Submit a Course” at Courseware Library (where you can also learn about the library).

View the original blog with a video about it at ‘Born to Learn’.


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